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Thank you Madonna



Dear Madonna,

I want to thank you for you MDNA tour. It was great. I waiting for video now.

I am from Russia, St. Petersburg.

I extreemly thankful for you message for gay rights during concert.

We have a lot of talk about that on gay board.

People here is very narrow minded. We was looking for process in court against you

that was really funny. There acclaim about 33 millions dollars fine.

I knew you would be big star since I saw Like a virgin in 1985.

If you could - maybe you also could speak about bio-polarity.

I am bio-polar gay.

All my relatives are died or commit suiside.

I attempt suiside three times.

The hostipal in St.Petersburg is worst as prison and people treated like animals there.

Everyone on planet try to help children or people with limit of ability.

No one try to help people who lives in Turbulent Indigo.

I don't think you have time for this - because you extreemly busy person.

I know - I am nothing - just your fan from pretty poor country.

I very much like you ***CENSORED*** up song on last album.

God bless you.



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Hi Madonna, I just want to personally thank you for the Phoenix MDNA, I attended last October....It made my night a memorable one; so yes, I love your abilitiy in the entertainment world...

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Hi Madonna, I'm brazilian and I live in Sao Paulo, I have thank you for You had been coming to Brazil, your tour was excellent . You are the perfect queen in all aspects because everything that you do is perfect, such: music, films, books...and you are a good spirit because you care with others, fans, gays, lesbian, poor people, and so on. This is very good, and You taught me to respect the diferences and always to fight, never desist about our dreams. How you say in behind the scenes in Sticky Sweet tour DVD : " The good life, It isn't easy!!!"


Thank you Madonna, a good year for you and your family and friends!!!!

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Our hearts here in Colombia go out to you. We support you and talk about the injustice you guys are experiencing there. We cab barely imagine what you must go through.

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