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  1. Thank you for your reply.....

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    Borderline, Into the groove, papa don't preach, live to tell, like a prayer, til death to us part, promise to try, love tried to welcome me, runaway lover, sky fits heaven, she's not me , heartbeat,hung up...to many to list
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    Feodor You are not nothing, Don't think this way. Listen to Over and Over by Madonna.
  4. When Like a virgin was released I didn't understand it either. I had to ask my mom what it meant because I was very young also. In the Dress you up video, there is a young girl in the front row when I saw that I wished I was her. Although I saw Madonna many times in concert , I have never been front row, it's still my biggest wish. I'm so happy for you that your dream of seeing Madonna came true.
  5. I know she always goes to American airlines. I was there for Sticky, and Sweet. Confessions and Reinvention tour, Drowned world at a different arena. Blond Ambition was my first concert saw that at La sports arena, in California. I had a good time as always, but that arena is one of the worst.I know parking there is tough. Because of that and the late start time I got a room this time . It was a strange little place. It was one mile away from the arena. It would be nice if she come to Orlando, that's the middle of the state. She has only performed in Tampa during the Virgin tour. It would be the best if she come back to Tampa. Will we ever be this lucky ?
  6. I was up dancing and I heard someone say sit down twice. I ignored that, I sat down once cuz I was feeling faint.So excieted to see Madonna. I was in section 117. I previously have seen Madonna from the nosebleed sections. This was the closet I have ever been, And I was right in front of the camera, Blocked my view at times, that was annoying. I feel American Airlines isn't a great place for concerts. I live in Florida, And I drive four and half hours to get to that arena. I'd rather fly out to another state then go there again.
  7. I think it's fun. Thanks for posting.
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