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Another day without Madonna



Today I wake up alone...look my e-mail and didn't find message from Madge. That's is sad. I want to be your little friend and share my secrets with you. Do I wish to much ?

It is another lonely day. Today I showed my demo song for radio distribution company but they advise that radio wouldn't take it because it that item that anyone would play.

Madonna wrote many hits, I would like to be able to think like she is. Just read down that some guy call she beggar, I don't know does he made anything like Madonna did, even 0.001 % ?

It is hard to be bio-polar in this world...All friends are turn the backs because it is hard time and there less and less place for mercy. I know Madonna wouldn't write or intresting me...unless she would adopt 43 year old man from Russia. That would be great. But I think even Jehovah or Lucifer would be able to dictate this lady to turn her attention to her old fun from Russia. But I will look to my e-mail adress tomorrow....because I am little girl inside and want to have some fun.

All the best for you Madge if you have time to read our silly post and if you meet George Micheal please say him that take cocaine alone in the car is very selfish ( Nothing as good as a hunky punky ). I didn't beeing in Lodon for ages, since I lost my job two years ago. But would like to girl go wild for a couple of weeks. But nobody calles me on the phone, I seat all day long alone and wait for miracle...Hello, it is Madonna....but it is never hapenned...never never never...life is awful....will wait for your new album


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This is what I understand of the communication system between a fan and Madonna...You post here..It is read...It may or may not be forwarded to Madonna depending on its content...Now, there is always a chance that Madonna or her associates just may at random log on and possibly read your message...there is only one other way...Divine Intervention...When the Lord makes the impossible; possible...

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