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I never thought it would happen



I have loved the queen since the first time I heard Like a Virgin. I was 6 and not quite sure what the song was about, but I loved the voice. I remember MTV and the controversies of Papa Don't Preach, the uproar over Like a Prayer and I did not get why. Being a kid in a small country like Belize, in Central America, there was not much Madonna exposure.


When I was 17 I saw the Ray of Light video and was glad that she did not lose her touch at all. Still, I was in Belize, and MTV was my only source for Madonna, apart from the odd magazine article that I would rip out and collect. But that is where my Madonna CD collection began, following with Music and such. It was hard to do, Belize is not a pop country, being in Central America and the Caribbean. It is also homophobic, but thank god for Madonna, and her music, which kept me alive, not only because of great lyrics and beat, but because of her example, being herself no matter what.


I was content with just owning her cd's as I never thought I would ever get to see her live, such a dream was just not mine to experience. She never comes close enough and I would surely not have the money. I was content to owning all the albums, some singles, the SEX book, her tours on DVD.


Thank god for a job, credit card, and Amazon, allowing me to pre-order MDNA (Deluxe of course) and thinking that would be it. But as soon as the tour was announced, I begged and begged fate that Mexico would be chosen. It was announced, I bought a general ticket, flew to Mexico City alone, and not only saw the show in general, but was beyong blessed to be in the Golden Triangle the following night. She is tiny but SO powerful! I cried so many times that night, I was living a dream, I proved to myself that anything can happen if you just want it bad enough, and all this came from the lesson Madonna taught me over the years.


I cannot wait to see what else she brings, I just know I will love it all.....


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Wonderful story, Congrats Menoh for your persistence. The MDNA was the tour that I had opportunity to go, I'm fan of our Queen since 2008 when I was 15 years old, so my love for Madonna increase every day. Madonna is fantastic, wonderful, the perfect queen, I don't have words for speaking how much I LOVE MADONNA.

I have a collection about the CDs and DVDs of Madonna, but never It is same that You go to the show. The show is wonderful, you become more fan that you was.

I wait for Madonna too in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Your story moves me. I was also in the golden triangle in Cologne, Germany and never thought I would win the ticket. Madonna is incredible. I hope to see her again.

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When Like a virgin was released I didn't understand it either. I had to ask my mom what it meant because I was very young also. In the Dress you up video, there is a young girl in the front row when I saw that I wished I was her. Although I saw Madonna many times in concert , I have never been front row, it's still my biggest wish. I'm so happy for you that your dream of seeing Madonna came true.

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