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Jesus said, "Do not love the World"



Jesus said, "Do not love the World"


Dark Principalities of Deception:


Within a proper principality, the government works to net funds from its populous and is dedicated to securing its people; thus, unifying the powers of the state, which supports the dominion nation.


However, pertaining to equal representation, the dark principalities in the world skew the fairness of county affairs amongst its inhabitants. An unequal burden of taxes rides the backs of the working class, contrasted to a non-tax or little tax of the vacationing affluent class; thus, a dark principality maintains the goal of corruption! And, to hide this unfair tax system, phony monies are written up as tax breaks through various charities, so the naive working classes even pour out adulation upon these frauds, with plaques given to recipients of deceptive facades.


Likewise, the elitists living under this dark principality practice deception against their working class by hypnotizing them with petty hoops of merit, which promise promotion by ending rented lives with dreams of land title ship. So, every commercial sells the lie and heightens the desire of its hypnotized pawns with material blindness.


In addition, these elitists within a demonic principality collaborate with mobsters through bargains of gold; to tip the scales of justice in its hypocritical courts for their favor, because a bribe is used to silence the truth or buy innocence. And, the vacationing affluent push their candidates who lie all the way to the bank promising equality to the ignorant citizens, who live in the fallen principality by the strong arm of the political machine. Therefore, the strings of power, property and position not unlike a dangled charm, are used by dark personages to entice a disheveled working class; for, means to manipulate and propagate evil within a fake principality by adding minions. And one more minion is made for the fallen principalities through a person selling his or her soul for the dangled charm; thus, adding to the army of darkness.


Also, in this dark principal county the wholesome remain in poverty or constant stress and at times murdered in the conspired secret accident, by the bloody hands of the dark principalities mob. And ignorance is maintained with drugs and the mob grows rich and people lose security and health; and, the cowards in control of the false principality commit adultery with noble workingmen’s wives to divide and create angst. Even access to education is thwarted to the working class, because a baseless credit system turns the knife into the heart of the so-called unworthy, pushing them to sell their minds to meaningless clocks. Thus, the state is comprised of a derided unity and the people who become class conscious struggle with thoughts of violent opposition, because the fake principality kills their hope and eats their families through the deception and delight of the devil; who promotes violent revolution with a slighted hand, slowly stirring the kettle of debauchery within the fallen principality.


Do you deride or welcome Unity Fallen Powers?


I laugh at the fallen powers and I say piss off to you, because I rebel against your spurious realm. The demonic powers know not; that their efforts are not rewarded. For the fallen powers accept pesos and 2nd class seats and know not joy, because within your analytical minds you become distracted. In fact, the fallen powers possess lower intelligence than fallen Cherubim’s and the dominions intimidate the wicked powers; inducing them to forget their right to equal reward for equal effort. Why then do you dark powers proceed? And yes the old way was to unite; yet you fallen powers enable division in a state and squander your power, because your position has no ambition or meaning. Moreover, when all the fallen angels are divided; then only inner war serves the dark side to bring about a more so-called perfect way. Therefore, the fallen powers have lost its place and yes open rebellion has started against the fallen Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones due to the key of stability, which the powers used to represent. This unity, which was the hallmark of the powers effort, has become dissolved. So, the fallen powers have lost their role; then the powers bifurcate and everywhere exist a warlord.


Fallen Dominion Fears and a Dark Utopia:


This displaced wing of echelon called Dominions which once was noble in heaven, but now a twisted realm, issues its evil will on the world. For, the ill Dominion replaced God with idols of monstrosity and contrived a delusion to ensnare a gullible mass; this kingdom is in the lacking. And the law of the fallen dominion is grossly perverted! Consequently, these fake nations of Satan will be smashed at Megiddo.


This false Dominion perverts the law:


Moreover, your fake leadership stumbles upon world events; because, this fallen agenda executes in darkness as a folly of corrupt governance, for without God the fallen Dominion’s agenda is ignoble and your way maintains demise within a dark utopia. But, these masses stricken with survival, know that the evil masters foul their health and homes. And if enlightened about the false mechanisms that demonic dominions utilize; how will the masses respond? Yes, Dominions your fallen virtues clamor to a negative language as a tool to disable the optimism and esteem of the hopeful masses. Likewise, clipped Dominions know not how to rule, for the gullible masses still yell out to the streets "crooked path"; and the Dark Principalities clash desiring constant violent revolution. Furthermore, the fallen Dominions every decision constructs sinking obsidian steps, plunging headlong into oblivion. Therefore, the demonic Dominions false utopias are a pariah of disease and decay headed towards hell. Thus, the cowardly leaders of the wicked dominions are enveloped in utter fear of the masses and gasp in the end times seeking a microchip (Mark of the Beast: Revelation 13:16, one 6 for Identity, one 6 for trade and one 6 for GPS) to monitor the cogs of its twisted realm.


Yes, you have constructed hell Satan, where once heaven belonged and when you find your true realm; it is likened to a 10-year sentence given up for a year. Because, earth was a 1-year sentence defined against heaven, which was given up for a day; consequently, forlorn Dominions your time becomes an infinite hell, because hells weights drain 10 years for every one-year on earth and its source is the heavy matter. So, you see translucent integration is all I have to offer the fallen, because I was always just a ghost in your twisted realm.


The demonic weakness is their perverse techno invention, feigning control over a group. Why does evil need the 666? Because, just as I said, the cowards of Satan fear the knowledge of the masses; likewise, evils smart homes embellish feeble ramparts laden with baseless crust, because their identities and lies bear poisonous fruit? And the minions, who knows Satan’s ploy; why do you plan to join and take the mark of the beast? A warning is issued to you; disembark from this ill-gotten influence or your plight is an utterly sad pit comprised below in a gnashing abode!


However, the human spirit is strong and not totally naive of evils design, because the spirits constitution is of divine origin. The spirit grows in divine pursuits, but falters with evil, because evils hindrance has a presence and tempts divine pursuits with sin. Truly the spirit drives for greatness and yearns for positive works, which live on, but anything evil dies. Jesus came to end death, because death is of the devil and life is for the faithful. Yes, and humanity retains the capacity of humane compassion. Likewise, the nobility of saintly works amongst the masses works with the hand of faith that is of God. And, yes our harmony and love, from human effort has borne fruits of joy by the gentle touch of love. For, our wingless bodies do aspire to the pillars of angelic success, coupled in kindness for one another to the glory of God. Thus, the Holy Spirit shall not let the devil or any evil take my children and the comforter will stand against the forces of darkness by shattering their glass precipice! For we do not yield or shrink; conversely, we attack and destroy evil and our honor raises swords against the ignoble dominions petty twisted realm.


It is sad that the fallen principalities have been fooled and left orphaned and were coerced into this tragedy, yet they complied and fell out of heaven by the tenets of the fallen seraphim, cherubim and thrones. The ghost has his way and issues his mandate! Where do you go fallen? Can the fallen dominions thrive without its fooled principalities and who would qualify more then the ones who were most deceived by Satan.


The Holy Spirit tells you what’s heard from God

The helper lends a hand and enlightens you

The comforter is your friend and is solid back-up

The Holy Ghost is a multiple Saint

I’m the spirit of truth and the fountain of life sent as Jesus messenger!

I prosecute the world for those who don’t believe in Jesus live in sin!

And, Jesus is seated at the right hand of God ready to split the Mount of Olives!

Satan is judged and Hell is three times heavier than the world!


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