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Countless many times:



Countless many times: 

Societies, governments, Domains, principalities, area, bailiwick, concern, demesne, department, discipline, district, dominion, empire, estate, field, home, park, jurisdiction, kingdom, land, occupation, orbit, power, province, quarter, realm, region, rule, scope, slot, specialty, sphere, stomping grounds, terrain, territory, turf, walk, and wing succumb to revolution!

Often the root cause of revolution is the rise of an immoral oligarchy which uses its power against a majority of people in a grossly unfair manner. This ruthless oligarchy enslaves people with no mercy. Wealthy classes of people from many epochs construct conditions that eventually turn on their vast appetites. Rebels arise and violence occurs, because burdens are put upon the middle class to such a degree that the middle starts to fall into poverty. Consequently, war comes to the new dual classes poor vs. rich; but, a disproportionate amount of blood is often shed by the poor while in the grips of the revolution.

In this world if everyone truly followed the second covenant, than we would have love instead of greed, power and ego.

The entire language of the Koran is masked with peace, but like a turned blade the Koran’s wording evokes a heavy yoke within the heart of a Muslim, because while proclaiming peace to the follower who reads the Koran; the Muslim is also bombarded by subtle words to judge others. Jesus spoke and stated not to judge others, but to forgive. The anger and violence which flows out of judgment was witnessed by Jesus; when a group of people wished to stone a woman to death for adultery. Within the Koran are many phrases regarding judging others and seeking vengeance against another human. Islam is the enemy of Christ; furthermore, the Koran creates chaos, because its true purpose incites violence and stirs anger in the heart of a follower of Islam. Hence, Islam's premise of judging others too inspire hate and violence must be from an extension of evil!

Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda truly represent evil; in fact Islam itself is evil. It's a fact that Islam controls large land masses compared to Israel’s small portion of land. The Islamic world refuses to acknowledge Israel's rite to exist and many within the Islamic world have leaders who openly cry out for Israel's complete annihilation.

Lucifer has walked the earth and at his behest has used man as a toy since the fall in the Garden of Eden. The devil uses immoral people to instigate violence and mayhem. Satan the true author of the Koran has created violence through the manipulation of the Muslim heart. The Koran is a judgmental text calling upon the indulgence of rage within the heart of a Muslim; therefore, ultimately the Koran is a tool not for compassion, but for violence!

The word REVOLUTION has been used in sarcasm and cynical thought, thus we get the phrase; (History repeats itself). 

The meaning is our history as humans is all too violent and well; sin is the small root of Satan. But, the big root of sin which is Satan will die in the future in an abode named hell. Satan is already judged, but not yet locked up!

The United States must stand to support our ally Israel. Israel is defending itself from a ruthless aggressor bound by an evil doctrine that inspires hate and murder towards Israel!


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