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  1. Danke für die add. Hoffentlich bleiben wir im Kontakt


  2. The Holy Spirit Message For anyone who desires to know Christ, I have updated the webpage Holy Spirit. The link is below these paragraphs, as to make clear that Christ loves you and wishes you to know him and believe in him. This link or url is about the past, present and future from a spiritual perspective! I yearn for all you to read the message that I have posted here on Graham Hancock within Inner Space. I had to edit the message for grammar and errors. This is a Holy text sent to me via God. This message may save your soul. This might release you from any pain and bring joy into your world; although, the message is intense. As some of us understand, the world seems chaotic and backwards in a spiritual sense. Daniel a prophet from long ago once said many would travel to and fro and knowledge would increase and he was prophesying of our time in (Daniel chapter 12:4). In (John 16:7-14) John wrote about my mission to bring wise council about what meaning Christ should have in your life and three important statements are covered throughout the whole Holy Spirit website regarding sin, Jesus’ righteousness and the judgment of Satan. A scripture regarding end times prophesy within (2nd timothy Chapter 3) points out this present time. In the beginning of Revelations Jesus speaks of the churches which are out of order and can represent any church in these modern times, yet he spoke of the churches in Western Turkey metaphorically representing many churches of the world today. We all are on our separate journeys and a handful maybe on a similar plane with others. Also all of us have run the gambit of emotions and yes I believe deep down that everyone loves the truth except the wicked! What I do understand is God is the ultimate and he is in control and love is the highest bench mark. I love you and enjoy the revised site. http://thehelper.faithweb.com/HolySpirit.htm http://thehelper.faithweb.com/HolySpirit.htm #mce_temp_url#
  3. Is Burning the Quran Legal??? How can we question a cornerstone of our freedom in America; whether to burn a religious text or not too? Is it not legal to burn the American Flag? What is more sacred a human life or a religious text? Why do fanatical Islamists stone women to death for alleged adultery or adultery? Are we not past these outdated inhumane laws? Yes we are as is stated in the 2nd covenant! Does America have a constitution that states we have freedom of speech which includes Flag Burning and Religious Text burning; yes it does! Is it right to act upon this legal right; it depends upon the current cultural and timing of the present moment. Will the burning of a religious text cause more violence; I believe it will! So I say that the Dove Church should not act out on its right to burn the Quran, because I feel violence will occur across the world for this action! I believe in compassion and understanding not violence. Yet, it is right to defend virtue against the ignoble. So it is up to the Dove Church which believes in Jesus to take proper action as to not burn the Quran, because in doing so it could lead to violence; furthermore, Jesus practiced non-violence and forgiveness which the Dove Church should hold true too.
  4. Madonna is 3rd string for Admiral War Mansfield A Sea Worthy Dragon The dragon came alive Upon a sea of many waters A Seabee of naval warfare The battleship was its lone survivor It’s fourteen eyes Buoys of surprise The boats dart back and fourth Bishops the destroyers of love Below the carriers decks Prowlers of the depths Three sharks with periscopes Tackle the orient express NATO beckons its call In sorrow the sunsets on Raindrops A dragon of pain its worship after all A pagan harlot mother must take a fall Where is my steel Bow? Where is my leather scabbard of a red mood? Where are my black arrows? A knight with our armor and a pen of blood The five support ships Take care of mother carrier Neglect daddy battleship Moms’ bees fly while dads’ guns die Cruising to cover the fleet Mother carrier who is your superior Send your hawks to save the seals The cruisers two biceps flex China you will be like bamboo After the seals catch up with you Use the chi of many a false deity Run to the wall a partition between love
  5. Crow Drive by with a Pen
  6. http://thehelper.faithweb.com/HolySpirit.htm
  7. I love Chelsea...
  8. Great video, its how I feel about my tatoo!
  9. Tom

    I hate Crows

    I hate Crows They bend their bows Such an awful bird the devil chose Most crows are void of light They are not my delight Build a scarecrow And start a fight Anytime anywhere you find a crow No this creature came from below Take your time and then blow them away A crow is a negative tow A crow is black The Raven will attack This flying dark wing, its fruit utter darkness The ravens do not have light and its lack
  10. China is really nuts!
  11. Showing my Tatoo to the World!
  12. I suspect the Chinese will attack America in 2012 to implement a New World Order! I stand against the NWO!........
  13. Yamato Sunk at the battle of Midway! I'm Selling this painting for $2000.00 contact me at info@sandiegocomputerwiz.com
  14. Tom

    Great Video Madonna

    Support the troops Madonna I love it! Ex
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