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Is Burning the Quran Legal???



Is Burning the Quran Legal???

How can we question a cornerstone of our freedom in America; whether to burn a religious text or not too?  Is it not legal to burn the American Flag?  What is more sacred a human life or a religious text?  Why do fanatical Islamists stone women to death for alleged adultery or adultery?  Are we not past these outdated inhumane laws? Yes we are as is stated in the 2nd covenant!  Does America have a constitution that states we have freedom of speech which includes Flag Burning and Religious Text burning; yes it does!  Is it right to act upon this legal right; it depends upon the current cultural and timing of the present moment.  Will the burning of a religious text cause more violence; I believe it will!  So I say that the Dove Church should not act out on its right to burn the Quran, because I feel violence will occur across the world for this action! I believe in compassion and understanding not violence. Yet, it is right to defend virtue against the ignoble.

So it is up to the Dove Church which believes in Jesus to take proper action as to not burn the Quran, because in doing so it could lead to violence; furthermore, Jesus practiced non-violence and forgiveness which the Dove Church should hold true too.


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