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Diablo of Mendacity



Diablo of Mendacity


When you set joy to the sky

Will contentment clamor or settled desires fulfill?

Freedom waits yet what choice complicates us to fly

Wisdom is found in what way a heart sits still

Joy and mercy from our creator

Gently the comforter emanates ethereal light

Yet oh dark one who loves a palace to praise an ego maker

Pride so heavy that’s snaps a cord from heavens eternity

When a fallen morning star deceives flesh with idolatry

Angels notice demons gathering an army

The son of man arrives with a shout

Too the suns depth how must one dig his grave

This black rake on the clay as a sifting furnace on a gang

A mighty mind is easily ensnared by Satan’s fang



Once long ago the same battle fought in bliss

A Seraphim abundant in all splendor and accordance

Guardian of fire steadfast in pride changed his existence

A Glacial desire to beguile and find mutual mastery

Set out for worship likened to the almighty

Corrupt thread wove into that new serpent’s tapestry

Angels by a ruse became demons of the night

How unlike in heaven are earthly mortals seduced through his ancient charms?

What can a mere human resist that an angel cancels out?

The day is yours so find a doctrine without alarms

A path of Christ is devoid of demons that bring doubt

Be of the spirit welcoming Christ as your believe

Oh the joys and peace you will find while you leave temptation behind

Look profound these times notice a revelation sign




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