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I'm Christ's Messenger John 16:7-14




When shall I pass sentence?


Crimes committed are never invisible or absent from the eyes of the lord. What is a fitting punishment for evil deeds (2ndTimothy Chapter 3)? Where shall evil reside and to what place do we commit beings whose hearts and spirits constantly lust for wickedness? Surely we can forgive sin of the guilty; when the guilty affirms a consciousness, which feels guilt and desires forgiveness. The lord forgives the errors of sinners whom are of true faith, because his flock is not perfect. This flock shall be made perfect!


To the goats of no faith that follow the drum beat of evil, your days are numbered now! Evil will embrace itself and its doers love its way. The pitiful spirits, which yearn for constant evil, shall find constant evil within a place of their own design. The horde of evil is coming to an end. I will smite the evil doers, the demons, the false profit, the anti Christ and Lucifer. I will summon all the mighty angels, the army of God, arch angels and I Jesus Christ shall ride forth at the head of an Armada galloping upon a white stallion. My enemies will be utterly vanquished and the head of thee serpent shall split by the heel of my righteousness. The enemy shall be so obliterated as to not rise up for a millennia and their leader will spiral in a wall less, floor less and roof less void until released. While in this state Lucifer will not concede and still lust for a domain on earth.


The enemy will shake with fear and their devices shall come apart in many pieces and no support will lend hand to save them from their demise. For I am, and I shake the earth and I split stars with my knee, I form clay into creatures, I design DNA, I give forth the spring of sparkling crisp water. I am the creator. I demand a court, I demand a code, I enact the law, I Judge the sinner, I smite the evil one, I clean the house and I go into the muck to save the blind. I taste the bitterest trials, I feel the worst pain, and I enable the greatest Joy. My way is final and it is right. Take heed of my messenger and do him no more harm for the ones that do him harm suffer the greatest in hell. My wrath is close at hand and if you don’t stand for me and don’t believe in my son and despise my word than to your house of pain you shall go. The wicked have no quarter, the wicked choose their path, the wicked stay wicked, the wicked don’t desire faith and my kingdom, and the wicked will eternally be damned in the hell house of their own construction. All the devices for which evildoers choose to use and make will be turned against them eternally in hell. I have spoken.


John 16:7-14









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