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  1. LOVE MAKES A FAMILY Love, patience, understanding, compassion are words that make up a family Tender heart filled uncontionly love, shared with love ones all year long Guidance, patience, always there, never expected anything in return Late nights filled with endless chores, still homework to done, bed stories to read, lunchies to be made Endless conversations to be had, endless things to be done, but still we seat and listen, for that’s what a family does F is for family who do things...

  2. LOVE MAKES A FAMILY Love, patience, understanding, compassion are words that make up a family Tender heart filled unconditionally love, shared with love ones all year long Guidance, patience, always there, never expected anything in return Late nights filled with endless chores, still homework to done, bed stories to read, lunches to be made Endless conversations to be had, endless things to be done, but still, we seat and listen, for that’s what a a family does F is for family who does things together, laughter to be shared, wisdom to be gain, new stories to be told For we gave them the tools, now it’s their time to shine, for all we can do now is stand up and applause Kids are grown, family expanding, more love to shared, new stories to told, new adventures to be explore Parents' jobs never end, for we now grandkids to attend, new laughter to share, new memorize to make As time turn to dust, one thing that never ends is the laughter we share and memories we gain Love makes a family, the main ingredient that makes a family great though, is the love we have for each other Through the headaches and troubles, we learn what family really is about, and how great it is to be part of one DNA is what a person but not who they are, for that’s where family comes in DNA is nice but that does not want makes a family, it’s the unconditional love we share for one another Together or separate doesn’t make a difference, if there is love to be shared, then family can be anywhere It’s the good and bad, but the moments filled with love, are the ones we will cherish the most So cherish one another because at the end family is all we have One thing that never ends is the love that we have for each other, to be of love that is the greatest lesson you could ever teach It’s the love we share, the wisdom we gain, that’s set us free when it’s our time to go Family is all we got, it’s all we need, for we are here to be of service, love one another, nothing else Love is endless forever pure like a crystal, never can be destroyed, only created Then that means family is forever, forever lasting, forever growing
  3. SHE IS WOMEN, SHE IS STRONG We may not know where life might lead or where we are going but its the journey and people we meet that makes us who we are Pain and the untold secrets we hold these secrets to be self-evidence. That we may be remembered for who we are not who we use to be. A young girl waiting for her future to begin a dark shadow haunting her through the night A stranger once a friend, a prey praying on the young, her youth fades away with a single touch. A smile we see, the pain she holds beneath her mask she wears. only a few have seen her pain, that lies behinds her article smile. Temptation dancing around her treating her with drugs and lust She has a test that no one can take for her. It's the test that makes her strong. She won't let lies and dispersion define who she is. She strong beyond measure, she is invincible. For you really don’t know what pain one might hold until not until we become vulnerable do we know who we are If she does offer her story, her pain, its because she trusted you, only few will ever know So don't let courage be mistaking for insane She gives you her pain, show you her scars only few will ever understand, she wants you to accept her without the need to change her. She is perfect through her imperfect. It the pain that makes us human, it what makes us come alive. Its the magic of prayer that leads her to forgiveness, her story is unique, it’s one you will never forget Forgiveness is only for strong hearted, that why only a few have mastered the meaning of forgiveness It's the power of forgiving that leads broken-hearted spirit home She has already broken it's the imperfect that makes her who she is. All she asks is that you love her and knownlege her for who she is, It's not puzzle you can put back together, it’s a test that only few will pass Being vulnerable and nake when others are afraid of what may lie behind the behind their mask She is a mother, a wife, and a teacher and nothing will ever change that she is strong, she is a woman We must trust the imperfect for that is the pieces that bind together and makes us hole Its the power of family, the power of forgiveness, love and grace that heal her pain It's her laughter that she uses to hide her pain. Embracing her pain through each hug she gives her scars are not for everyone to see. (continue) (Sheehan, PRIVATE 101, page 23, new stanza) It should be given only sparingly for it is secret only meant for the few. Those who are fortunate to hear her story, see her scars are hand pick my god itself. It’s the people that let her be free those are the people she wants during our pain, during a celebration. We put our selves out there, it's through the pain, love, sorrow that makes us human, force us to come to life while others become sleepy, she dares to redefine the meaning of being alive Its Faith that let us face challenges, it's through faith that allows us to forgive one other and love deeply. She drinks a bitter cup without being bitter. She cast no judged, for all she requires is love It’s her passion, her pain that compel her to live, to love more deeply. She is wounded, is broken, more important she is a woman, she is strong
  4. The sexiest women alive, Queen of pop of all that is naughty and delicious The only Goddess I see, A queen, the one and only Madonna. You are my queen and everything; the sad part is we don’t know each other yet….but maybe one day we will see. I love who you are, you are sexist women alive for God made you perfect…for “she” makes no mistake. I love your music You and Michael are my personal savior; after 30 years, you are still the youngest “goddess” alive. I love your music and listening to you speak, it's breath-taken. You are an amazing loving mother, for you have done the impossible you adopted 6 kids, I was also adopted. I was born in a gypsy tribe in Romanian and I have autism but the question that drives me crazy, why didn’t you adopted me or least married me…Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie have nothing on me. Thank you, you have change my world forever; you brought beauty and love into my life. You are very down to earth and very open mind and that is rare to find. My name is Ru-river and I am inspiring actor and writer, and you are everything I need and I would love to meet you; who won’t. You are the “virgin mary” as stated in your music” Being big star like you is not easy and its’ a lot of work and problems; thank you for not giving up on yourself or your career. You do the impossible every day that is be an artist and a mother and most “normal” people can’t even do that right. You are a mother to every child you meet; you inspired women to free and to be themselves regardless who’s “president”. God spent little more time on you and thank god he did you are a masterpiece. Don’t ever give into the materialist world always be “You”. You are an amazing person; you gave an autistic person being me a voice; you are a legend and don’t you forget it. You have made a world a better place and don’t you forget it. I thank God, every day for bringing just amazing person into this world, and into my life. You have changed in ways you will never realize. I appreciate your time and for all your hardworking; thank you for being amazing. I would love an autograph Ru-River from Madonna; that would mean the world to me. You will always be forever young and your music, wisdom, and talent will always live on but more important You will always live on in my heart. Sincerely, Jordan Sheehan aka Ru-River
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