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Letter to Madonna




The sexiest women alive, Queen of pop of all that is naughty and delicious The only Goddess I see, A queen, the one and only Madonna.


You are my queen and everything; the sad part is we don’t know each other yet….but maybe one day we will see. I love who you are, you are sexist women alive for God made you perfect…for “she” makes no mistake. I love your music You and Michael are my personal savior; after 30 years, you are still the youngest “goddess” alive. I love your music and listening to you speak, it's breath-taken. You are an amazing loving mother, for you have done the impossible you adopted 6 kids, I was also adopted. I was born in a gypsy tribe in Romanian and I have autism but the question that drives me crazy, why didn’t you adopted me or least married me…Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie have nothing on me. Thank you, you have change my world forever; you brought beauty and love into my life. You are very down to earth and very open mind and that is rare to find. My name is Ru-river and I am inspiring actor and writer, and you are everything I need and I would love to meet you; who won’t. You are the “virgin mary” as stated in your music” Being big star like you is not easy and its’ a lot of work and problems; thank you for not giving up on yourself or your career. You do the impossible every day that is be an artist and a mother and most “normal” people can’t even do that right. You are a mother to every child you meet; you inspired women to free and to be themselves regardless who’s “president”. God spent little more time on you and thank god he did you are a masterpiece. Don’t ever give into the materialist world always be “You”. You are an amazing person; you gave an autistic person being me a voice; you are a legend and don’t you forget it.


You have made a world a better place and don’t you forget it. I thank God, every day for bringing just amazing person into this world, and into my life. You have changed in ways you will never realize. I appreciate your time and for all your hardworking; thank you for being amazing. I would love an autograph Ru-River from Madonna; that would mean the world to me. You will always be forever young and your music, wisdom, and talent will always live on but more important You will always live on in my heart.


Sincerely, Jordan Sheehan aka Ru-River


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