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A Poem about Madonna





We may not know where life might lead or where we are going but its the journey and people we meet
that makes us who we are
Pain and the untold secrets we hold these secrets to be self-evidence. That we may be remembered for
who we are not who we use to be.
A young girl waiting for her future to begin a dark shadow haunting her through the night
A stranger once a friend, a prey praying on the young, her youth fades away with a single touch.


A smile we see, the pain she holds beneath her mask she wears.
only a few have seen her pain, that lies behinds her article smile.
Temptation dancing around her treating her with drugs and lust
She has a test that no one can take for her. It's the test that makes her strong.


She won't let lies and dispersion define who she is. She strong beyond measure, she is invincible.
For you really don’t know what pain one might hold until not until we become vulnerable do we know who
we are
If she does offer her story, her pain, its because she trusted you, only few will ever know
So don't let courage be mistaking for insane
She gives you her pain, show you her scars only few will ever understand,


she wants you to accept her without the need to change her.
She is perfect through her imperfect. It the pain that makes us human, it what makes us come alive.
Its the magic of prayer that leads her to forgiveness, her story is unique, it’s one you will never forget
Forgiveness is only for strong hearted, that why only a few have mastered the meaning of forgiveness
It's the power of forgiving that leads broken-hearted spirit home


She has already broken it's the imperfect that makes her who she is. All she asks is that you love her and knownlege her for who she is,
It's not puzzle you can put back together, it’s a test that only few will pass
Being vulnerable and nake when others are afraid of what may lie behind the behind their mask
She is a mother, a wife, and a teacher and nothing will ever change that she is strong, she is a woman


We must trust the imperfect for that is the pieces that bind together and makes us hole
Its the power of family, the power of forgiveness, love and grace that heal her pain
It's her laughter that she uses to hide her pain.
Embracing her pain through each hug she gives her scars are not for everyone to see.


(Sheehan, PRIVATE 101, page 23, new stanza)


It should be given only sparingly for it is secret only meant for the few.
Those who are fortunate to hear her story, see her scars are hand pick my god itself.


It’s the people that let her be free those are the people she wants during our pain, during a celebration.
We put our selves out there, it's through the pain, love, sorrow that makes us human, force us to come to life


while others become sleepy, she dares to redefine the meaning of being alive
Its Faith that let us face challenges, it's through faith that allows us to forgive one other and love deeply.
She drinks a bitter cup without being bitter. She cast no judged, for all she requires is love


It’s her passion, her pain that compel her to live, to love more deeply.
She is wounded, is broken, more important she is a woman, she is strong


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