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  1. Just waiting for Madonna concert season to begin!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Waiting for show 2 @ MSG

    1. ladylala


      Going to 3 shows! 2 @ MSG 1 @ MGM Grande

  3. ladylala


    It has been a long time. I have not updated. I need to upgrade back to Legacy Platinum. I wonder if they will let me do it. I just have been unable to update until this coming month? That is why I did not write. Who can I talk to about this? Does anyone know? xxx
  4. Peeps! Hello. It has been a little while. Just wanted to say whats up. Tried to post online on your pages but its not allowing me so here is my hello to you! I am not even sure if this will post. xxx Will write soon. xxx
  5. Peeps! Happy Easter to you all. I must say I really do feel (really feel) that Madonna has the BEST FANS EVER. I am not involved with any other fan club but over the several years now when I read or log into our website I mean its really an overwhelming love for Madonna. I love it. I love the fact there are other people out there that love Madonna in the way I do. I just have a huge admiration and do look at her as an icon and role model. I have felt this way since I was a kid. I mean there are several other strong women that I look up to including my mother but Madonna is also up there. OK so now after the mushyness... I finally watched S&S on Friday night on VH1 Yes I loved it because its Madonna. I am looking forward to getting my DVD/CD!!!! However I did not like the commericals or the host even talking about it. Just get to the concert you know. Yeah they cut out alot of it but I am totally ok because I am looking forward to the DVD. They played some of my favorite parts from the concert but not all of them. I love the ENTIRE CONCERT MIND YOU. Loved: Beat goes on, Vogue, Into the Groove, Music, La Isla Bonita/Lela Pale Tute, 4 minutes, Don't cry for me Argentina, Like a prayer which to me is a power powerful song. I remember getting emotional when she sang this song. The words. The beats and the mix they did for that song and all of the songs were unbelievable. The dancing was unbelievable. Give to me was ooooooofff the hook. What a banger and a way to close the show. This song WILL be played in my car on full blast. I really wanted it to start over again. I love love love the Give it to me remix. The entire concert just reminded me about being there again and I getting up, dancing my ass off.....crying, smiling, yelling, and completey enjoying myself. I really can not wait till the next concert. xxx
  6. Just got back from Vegas and checked Amazon to see the status of WHEN my S & S DVD would be sent. Peeps its been ordered since early February. Well they say this coming week but I remembered hearing that the concert would be aired on TV tomorrow night on VH1. There is no question about it I will be watching, dancing and taping it until I get my DVD and even when I get it I will still watch the one I taped. Even though its 2 years later I still gleam about seeing Madonna live. Does anyone else???? Will always be a dream come true for the rest of my life. I really hope Madonna goes out on tour in 2011. I will start saving! Enjoy tomorrow everyone Your only a day awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy xxx
  7. GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting since 2008 for this video and it is finally arriving. I have pre-ordered mine since February and am anxious!!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed on the homepage of Madonna.com and noticed the new video which brought me back again to 2008 when I was at the concert. Seriously for me its still a dream come true to see Madonna twice that year and I have been dying to view the footage with my videos where I am jumping around and dancing like mad! When I see the video its like it happpened yesterday. So very fresh in my mind still. Well. I am going to Las Vegas for a week on business and when I come back there should be S & S should be waiting for me xxx
  8. Hey Iconers! It has been a while since I last noted so I wanted to say hello. I changed my profile pic for something a bit different. I am so excited to hear that S & S will be on television AND that the DVD is finally coming out. I have been waiting since 2008 since I saw twice back then. Really I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait for another concer either!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
  9. Madonna and my fellow Iconers. Wanted to wish you all the best for much happiness, success, health, and love for the new year! Are you ready to jump! I am! xxx
  10. Holiday! Celebrate!!!!!!! Just wanted to wish my fellow Iconers and Madonna to have the merriest of holidays. xxx
  11. ladylala

    da da da...

    Hello Friends... I made this earlier and had to post here. I had such a crap day and needed a little cheer. My friend showed me JibJab earlier this year and I thought it was so hysterical so I had to do my own. Notice my other dancers!!!!! *winks* Hopefully you can all see this. LOL Send your own ElfYourself eCards
  12. ladylala

    quick update

    to all my friends @ icon - i wanted to wish you all a belated happy turkey day!!!!!!! are you all out shopping? it is a windy day here in ny. i am chillin and doing some catch up. randomly i happen to see that rihanna did madonna'v vogue on the ama awards the other night. its nice to honor ms. diva herself but i have to admit i was not feeling rihannas performance at all! xxx
  13. Good evening my loveliests!! So quick entry as it has been a few weeks since I have logged on. I pre-ordered Madonna's new album so I should be getting this literally this week and I am so excited about it! I also bought MJ tickets to go see his movie/concert since I never got to see him live!! Two of my faves of all time. Love it! I did my own celebration cover but totally did not follow directions. LOL. I did not do the blue eyeshadow and red lipstick. I looked horrible and can not pull it off like Madonna so I did something else! xxx
  14. ladylala


    can i just tell you all how happy i am to hear Madonna's new song. to be honest with you even if she didnt make this song i am still going bananas over the past 2 years with s&s tour. i really do feel privledged to be able to see her in concert a few times that i have. she really has made such a last impression on me since i was quite young and i admire her in so many ways for her strength, confidence, her business sense also just being sexy and exuding that whichever way she wants because she has that secureness. i love it peeps. in any case if any iconers read this i am asking for some direction. i am still wanting to see the s&s that was taped in south america on sky 1. i attempted at the time to get it by download from sky 1 but it would not allow me as i do not have an acct with sky 1. i see downloads online but of course i do not trust any website. i dont want to watch on youtube so i am wondering if my icon family can guide me in the right direction. ps. love the video,her outfit, HAIR, dancing including her hottie who is DJing in the video. xxx
  15. i love new york today!!!!!! hellish nightmare traveling this past sunday to oklahoma from nyc. no direct fiights. i will NEVER do that again in the US unless its like alaska or hawaii. not only were there plane delays but runway delays, weather delays. (which i can understand) but it was overall a disaster. i ended up having to spend a night in fort worth texas after american airiines gave away my ticket although i was told from the aa agent to transfer as the plane was waiting for us at the next gate. not ony were those ***CENSORED*** waiting BUT they were not waiting for us they waited for the standby passengers although i dangled my ticket in their face. did not want to help in any shape or form and i had to beg for hotel accomodations for the night that i paid for. i could not believe how they acted. i went there for business. i wish i had more time to take excursions and go on route 66 and end up somewhere you know. but seriousy the treatment that occured during the transfer at night in texas was unprofessional AND unacceptabe so here is my ***CENSORED*** off to american airlines and i will be making a complaint. i know it coud be worse but for real. i am so glad to be home. in good news - my swedish family gave me several shout outs on saturday from sweden to nyc as they wanted to share the madonna concert with me. they called prior to the concert starting, during paul oakenfold, called during vogue, (as i requested ) and called when madonna was giving a shout out to michae jackson!!!!!! i love it!!!! it was live and how can you erase moments like that. never!!!!!! i even got a pic. thanks to kevin and tess and of course madonna! in other good news. i finally got my sweet and sticky ring!!!!!! took forever and a day but i got it. it was a sweet homecomign present!!!!!!! tomorrow night i am going to see john legend @ MSG in NYC. holla!!!!!! xxx
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