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VH1 S&S Review...




Happy Easter to you all.

I must say I really do feel (really feel) that Madonna has the BEST FANS EVER. I am not involved with any other fan club but over the several years now when I read or log into our website I mean its really an overwhelming love for Madonna.

I love it.  I love the fact there are other people out there that love Madonna in the way I do. I just have a huge admiration and do look at her as an icon and role model.  I have felt this way since I was a kid.  I mean there are several other strong women that I look up to including my mother but Madonna is also up there.

OK so now after the mushyness...

I finally watched S&S on Friday night on VH1 Yes I loved it because its Madonna. I am looking forward to getting my DVD/CD!!!! However I did not like the commericals or the host even talking about it. Just get to the concert you know.  Yeah they cut out alot of it but I am totally ok because I am looking forward to the DVD.  They played some of my favorite parts from the concert but not all of them.  I love the ENTIRE CONCERT MIND YOU.

Loved: Beat goes on, Vogue, Into the Groove, Music, La Isla Bonita/Lela Pale Tute,  4 minutes, Don't cry for me Argentina, Like a prayer which to me is a power powerful song.  I remember getting emotional when she sang this song.  The words. The beats and the mix they did for that song and all of the songs were unbelievable.  The dancing was unbelievable. 

Give to me was ooooooofff the hook. What a banger and a way to close the show. This song WILL be played in my car on full blast.  I really wanted it to start over again.  I love love love the Give it to me remix. 

The entire concert just reminded me about being there again and I getting up, dancing my ass off.....crying, smiling, yelling,  and completey enjoying myself. 

I really can not wait till the next concert.  



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