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s&s ring, swedish shout outs to ny and my midwest adventures...



i love new york today!!!!!!

hellish nightmare traveling this past sunday to oklahoma from nyc.  no direct fiights.  i will NEVER do that again in the US unless its like alaska or hawaii.   not only were there plane delays but runway delays, weather delays. (which i can understand) but it was overall a disaster. i ended up having to spend a night in fort worth texas after american airiines gave away my ticket although i was told from the aa agent to transfer as the plane was waiting for us at the next gate.  not ony were those ***CENSORED*** waiting BUT they were not waiting for us  they waited for the standby passengers although i dangled my ticket in their face.  did not want to help in any shape or form and i had to beg for hotel accomodations for the night that i paid for.  i could not believe how they acted.  i went there for business. i wish i had more time to take excursions and go on route 66 and end up somewhere you know. 

but seriousy the treatment that occured during the transfer at night in texas was unprofessional AND unacceptabe so here is my ***CENSORED*** off to american airlines and i will be making a complaint.  i know it coud be worse but for real.  i am so glad to be home.

in good news - my swedish family gave me several shout outs on saturday from sweden to nyc as they wanted to share the madonna concert with me.  they called prior to the concert starting,  during paul oakenfold, called during vogue, (as i requested ) and called when madonna was giving a shout out to michae jackson!!!!!!  i love it!!!! it was live and how can you erase moments like that. never!!!!!!  i even got a pic. thanks to kevin and tess and of course madonna! Smile

in other good news. i finally got my sweet and sticky ring!!!!!! took forever and a day but i got it. it was a sweet homecomign present!!!!!!!  tomorrow night i am going to see john legend @ MSG in NYC.





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