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A Grinder Story



So as much as I feel like a douche for using grinder but I'm gonna share a story. About 2 or 3 years ago I spoke to this dude on there plenty of times. We flirted but had never met eachother. Then I didn't see him online for a couple years and a few months ago, he appeared online and we started to chat. He's a cute guy, and he never said anything that was strange or creepy. So we met in the end of October, It's no secret how lonely I've been and i've really needed and wanted someone to talk to. When we were getting acquainted, we were talking about our zodiac signs and he said I was his perfect match. He said my sign Cancer avoids all red flags and at the moment I didn't really think about it or take offense at it. We made out and fooled around. I was enjoying his company, There's alot that I'm not going to get deep into but when the time was coming for me to leave and when I said I needed to leave he started trying to make me feel bad and started to talk nonsense saying things and assuming shit. I was taken aback. I told him that he was wasn't correct. But when I made it clear I needed to leave he started acting like a ***CENSORED*** and this really turned me off and I didn't think it was cute anymore. So after I left on my way home I was thinking, that was strange and the red flag comment was going through my head. Then I was replaying moments that were clearly red flags and I was realized that he showed me quite a few red flags during the time we spent together. And all of the red flags that I experienced were a little concerning to me. With that being said, I thought it would be of my best interest to cut it right there and I chose to take those red flags as warnings and stop anything before it went anywhere else. He made it clear that he wanted a boyfriend, and the last time I ignored red flags I ended up in a 16 year vicious cycle of bullshit. So I've stayed off grinder and I have been laying low and have been spending time with my cats and playing with my furbies! Lmao


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