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Not another Grinder story.



The day started with me putting up birthday decorations for my nephew's birthday. Well I never really hesitate about writing my blog here at Icon and that has never happened. But like Madonna taught me to express myself. So that I've already talked about how toxic grinder is and how it's not good for my mental health. But that my last blog was about some guy from grinder now my next blog is about a guy from grinder. So before I even continue I'm going get things straight. There were never any nudes exchanged and there was never any sex talk. In text messages my receipts would show that x rated pics were sent. We never spoke on the phone, I've talked about how much I hate talking on the phone I always have. Talking on the phone has always been something that gives me anxiety so the only reason I answered my phone this afternoon was because I had just renewed my medical marijuana at nuggmd, and I was expecting a call from the doctor so I answered the phone and I say hello, It wasn't the doctor but it was some voice I'd never heard before asking if I could give him a ride home from work. I said, "Who is this" and he said "it's J****" So I was really caught off guard and I said oh ok and explained to him that it was my nephew's birthday and we were gonna to sing happy birthday and have cake. I asked him to text me in about a half hour. After I got off the phone I was thinking 'wtf' and I see that while I was on the phone I missed the call from the doctor and he left a voicemail. Then I was informed by my niece that it was silly string time! Silly string at birthday parties is something we take seriously. My nephew turned 22. The day he was born was always a memorable day at the time. Those were the days when I lived with my bestie and my former producer who i called 'bugs bunny' We called ourselves the terrible trio. But that night after we went and visited my sister in the hospital and saw the new baby! That night I was driving and afterwards we were going to get a Christmas tree at target. I had this big white Chrysler New Yorker! I remember I hit the curb in the parking lot and it made a loud sound. Lol But the tree didn't fall off and it was always a good memory. So after the cake I see I have a message. It was the grinder dude asking me about still needing a ride home. I was like wtf, so I also had ordered from Vons and needed to go pick it up. So then the toiletpaper incident happend. I'm not going to discuss the details but my mom and I got into over toiletpaper. So i was like really. this didn't need to happen so I'm headed out to vons and I get a text message and i know the way to vons I'd have to drive down a certain road so I said I could give him a ride home. There was no previous wierd shit, I know that he had been in prison I don't know the details but i didn't want to judge him cuz that would have not have been cool. So I say to him ok, tell me which way to turn. So I go left and he asked if I had a phone charger and I took mine out and let him charge his phone. He asks if I could pull over so he could reach someone from his house who could open the gate, It was very uncomfortable and this 'big family' of his and nobody was responding to him, so after about 30 minutes I decided to go pick up the order from Vons and hopefully go drop this guy off cuz i was getting the creeps. So it's almost like 7 pm and it's dark and the creep factor was unreal. I said I need to get home so i'm gonna take you to your home. So i'm heading out and he tells me to turn left on a street was coming up. So I turn down this road and then I just felt sick, it was a ***CENSORED*** dead end street and I was like wtf this is bad. He's just sitting there and keeps looking at his phone and not saying anything. I wanted him out of my car I said what is this as calmly as I could because i was scared of this guy going off. I was too scared to do it but I wanted to just physically throw him out the car but the fear i was feeling was real. He's sitting there smirking and not saying anything. So I pulled into a liquor store where people were around it it was lit up. I said "You're ride ends here" and told him to get out of the car. As he was getting out of the car he was mumbling something but i couldn't make it out. I was so glad he just got out and left. It was so strange. I just wanted to be at home. to 


to be continued 

i'll finish this tomorrow


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