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So right now I'm blasting Sclub! I got tickets to see them in Los Angeles in February, My sister is going to go with me. She wasn't familiar with Sclub, I sent her the video for Sclub Party! I use to watch the tv show. It was so hokey. I've been blasting them alot lately, I've been fighting off the blues and Sclub is a good weapon to use. The song Reach is really positive and makes me feel good when I listen to it. The television show was a fun and hokey show. The concert is the 25 year reunion! A few weeks ago I saw someone on facebook leave a comment on a post about Madonna's set being so massive and that the and it being disassembled for because Sclub was having show, and someone made a rude remark about Sclub being nobody and I did see some people who liked Sclub! So that was pretty cool to see. I'd like to go see Enrique Iglesias to here how he sounds like Elmo but tickets are over 100 I'd be willing to spend $20 for that lmao. I also really would like to see MC at the Hollywood bowl doing her Christmas show, The Elusive Chanteuse! I saw the Adventures of Mimi Tour I actually called it the 'Misadventures of Mimi Tour' She did a bunch of medley's and I'm not a fan of medley's, if it's an award show or festival that's ok but I'd rather not. I still have not watched any of the Celebration Tour videos I've seen posted. I've seen some youtube videos where some have uploaded the full tour. I have seen images but I've avoided reading much. I've seen the images where Madonna is holding a big card with numbers but I don't know the details. 


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