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25 Years Ago



So 25 years ago today Britney Spears released her first single! And tomorrow her book comes out! Also my song 'Flameburger' is going to be released again! Today I my Confessions on a Dancefloor record arrived in the mail, it's really beautiful, on the weekend I got my Glory record. That is the first Britney record that I have. 

In other news, those fake friends that I have mentioned pulled another cowardly act, my niece was visiting and she sent their daughter a text because they are friends. They didn't even have the decency to come to the front door and when she left it must have all been arranged by text message. After this bullshit, I posted to my social media without naming them but to anyone who knows me will know who the post is about. These two schmucks have got to be the most selfish people I have ever known. My ex producer is such an arrogant prick and his wife is a gaslighting ***CENSORED***. I regret taking both of those assholes to see Madonna in concert. Now it makes perfect sense that in my phone she is listed as Jamie Lynn. These two think really highly of themselves and they are nothing but fake frauds. 


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