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I had a dentist appointment today. Going to the dentist is no fun. But I guess it's better than going to the hospital. I have another appointment on Halloween to get the final crown. It's been two years almost since my appendix ruptured and all that pain. I've been feeling down and kind of sad. Then the whole deal with my 'friend/producer' He really threw me under the bus and this being one of the biggest betrayals and stabs in the back that I've ever felt. After over 25 years of being a friend and someone that I actually trusted and seeing on musixmatch how he has been putting new music out constantly all year long and I was basically ignored and treated like I didn't exist with multiple bands. And how could I forget the text message from my 'bestie' with it's really negative and passive aggressive vibes. After all the help and support I've given them for 25 years and to be treated like this. Selfish people really do suck, selfish and arrogant people are real assholes too.

So I'm trying to not get too sad and think about The Celebration Tour being something cool that I could think about.


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