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I just read an article 'Madonna fans rage after concert cut short'  So I guess on Sunday night, due to the curfew laws that the tour abruptly ended. That is one good thing about living in California, there is no curfew. Of the 9 times I've seen Madonna, she's always been late, I think most of the time she has hit the stage well after 10 pm, It's never bothered me, it would be cool if she would appear earlier, but all good things come to those who wait. But when there is a curfew involved, that kind of changes things. Honestly if I was there, I think I would be pretty irritated because it's no secret about the curfew. So those fans really did get screwed over. After being so excited and looking forward to this tour and then not being able to see it in it's entirety. I know there are more dates at the 02 and I hope that I don't see anymore stories like this. After reading the story, now I know that the show ends with Celebration. I hope it's not the remix of Celebration, I prefer the original version. But I know my show won't get cut off. Now I also know that 'Rain' is performed. I'm still avoiding all spoilers as much as possible.


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