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The Exorcist



Tonight I went and saw the new Exorcist movie. It wasn't the worst movie ever but I was really hoping that Pazuzu was going to be getting crazy. Some of it or actually most of it I was kind of confused. The more I think of it, the movie was really actually a mess. I did like when the line 'Your cunting daughter' being said but for the most part it seemed like a big mess it was all over the place. It's like it's trying to be connected to The Exorcist, then it starts getting into something different. The fact that the church didn't authorize the exorcism and the priest said he couldn't be involved with it. So then a nurse, decided she was going to do the exorcism. Because she wanted to be a nun before a nurse. Ok, 


So the movie was pretty much a piece of shit, but the last minute, Linda Blair had a cameo and we saw Regan reunite with her Chris Macneil. The rest of it was a disappointment.

Anyways, I saw someone on IG posted a supposed 'setlist' that Madonna posted, It had a bunch of medley's. Why the ***CENSORED*** would she do medley's. This is her tour not some festival or award show. Whenever a tour starts, I never want to know the setlist and I won't watch any of the videos people post. I did see someone say that he believed Madonna would hit the stage by around 8:30, Lmao, my guess was about 11:15, but I did read that the O2 has a curfew so that might be a game changer. 


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