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So we all know how much ticketmaster sux ass. I mentioned that I on ticketmaster, I didn't qualify for the pay monthly plan. But I did qualify for the 4 payment option. Since this is apparently suppose to help people who aren't rich. You would think that it would be each month, well if you thought that you are wrong. Early they took a payment and just a couple days ago was another payment. If you ask me that's some pretty shady shit. I really don't like that they use the guise of these payment plans are to help you out. Ticketmaster didn't even release the refunds until they day before the new sale started. But some people still haven't got refunds so I guess I didn't get totally screwed. Regardless, ticketmaster is crooked bullshit and they will continue to screw everyone over.

Anyways, I saw the tour merchandise that's in Madonna's store. I'm about to talk some shit here, but these shirts look like the knock offs that people sell in the parking lots, actually I've gotten knock offs that have a better design. The Blonde Ambition shirt is pretty cool, but the others are not up to par in my opinion. I'm not a fan of the contorted images, I think they look cheap and the image on the back, the big square with the same font with the dates, Madonna's tshirts have always been really cool and the details have always been on point. This just looks like standard format. As much as I can't stand taylor swift, her store has a shitload of shirts, clothes, and other shit. I think she even has a seperate store that only has vinyls. I'm not sure who is exactly in charge of Madonna's merchandise, but she could be making even more money if there was more merchandise. Because there are some fans who have already bought the new shirts and there are many fans who love spending money on Madonna. So that Madonna the queen of pop doesn't have a bunch of vinyls is a little confusing to me. Does Guy Oseary not see this, this could make him alot of money too so it doesn't make sense. 



New information online about Taylor Swift's Era's Tour Merch, Well after seeing a story about how expensive her merch and that the shirts and hoodies were fading after the first wash. Swifties are showing there merch and are not very happy about it. They even have some tips you can do to keep them from fading, however it includes ironing and parchment paper. WTF? lmao. Apparently her team is saying that it is suppose to fade and have a vintage worn look. But I saw people who knew some things about shirts and the process when they are made, and some were saying that with this parchment paper trick , that they rushed the merch. So maybe having a huge selection of poorly made merch is just wack. 

I also noticed the new bag for charity that Madonna helped design. It was pretty cool. I'm just not a fan of the tour 'logo' 

When Confessions came out, they had shirts where you could choose the design and you could design it yourself. It was pretty cool. I'd like to see something like that again. I wonder if there will be any contests this time around.


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