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I had an my appt with my shrink today. Today I told him about my 'friend/producer' deleting all my music. I even brought up Madonna and the concert. Over the years I've seen counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, quacks. My favorite shrink was Dr. Payne, he was a really good doctor He was my shrink for a long time, but then he had moved and I'm thankful that he chose my current shrink. Last year when I went to the crisis center in the paperwork the doctors filled out. I listed him as someone who would listen to me. My doctor said he sounded very selfish. I really have to stop thinking about it. I always did hold the studio time as a something very special and something magical. We were suppose to create Lee's Song we discussed it many times. The Epilogue was something he was supposed to be involved with and he showed zero interest. On musixmatch I see how he's been putting out new music out pretty much since Pandemic and the latest new band is putting out so much new content and all his content has incomplete music metadata. 


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