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11 years Ago



It was 11 years ago tonight that I went to the MDNA Tour at the Staples Center. My facebook page had it in the memories today along with videos and photos I had posted. It was the worst seats I've ever had, we were practically behind the stage. From my seat I could see members of the crew and people working behind the stage. It was terrible seats also, most of the time after a concert your ears are kind of plugged. I remember that not being an issue but what I do remember was that the vibration from the sound had me feeling more nauseous than anything. I got those awful seats from stubhub, there were actually even more seats that were worse than mine and they were all occupied. Obstructed views are one thing but being able to see the stage crew hanging on pulley's and other things was ridiculous. It should be against the law to sell seats that bad. That is one good thing I know for sure that my seats for the celebration tour aren't an obstructed view they are in the first row of the section I am in and it's from a front view of the stage not the side. I remember being excited when about the MDNA dvd coming out because my view at the actual concert was shit. But the botched DVD, I put it on and it before Madonna even appeared the picture pixelated and froze up, I returned it to Amazon and the replacement did the same thing. Then Amazon refunded my money and said it was no longer available, So after trying to purchase it and not being able to that was when I illegally downloaded it. What other choice did I have. I still believe that it was sabotage, because after all the years of buying Madonna merchandise, I never had a problem with anything not playing or not working. Also where the dvd started to pixelate was very suspicious, it was right when Madonna was going to be seen. Who knows I could be reaching for straws but that is just what I thought. That was before I owned a blu ray player but I remember there were people having issues with the sound on the blu ray as well. Also at the Mdna tour they ran out of tour programs, how the hell do you run out of programs at a show in Los Angeles?

When I went to see Madame X, I got the poster and it ended up with a big crease in it because they 'didn't have rubber bands' That really didn't bother me because I saw the crease as evidence and a memory of a great show, but still a rubber band would have helped because the poster was thick paper and it didn't really stay rolled up it kept unrolling itself. I do prefer to buy the programs online after and have it mailed because then it's not damaged. 


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