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Friendship Over



So today I showed my mom that text message from my 'friend' regarding me not getting permission from her about to take her daughter to see Madonna. My mom was in a state of disbelief. I also read her follow-up response and it irritated me. I have known her for 20 years and the last 5 + she has said and done things that are pretty shitty and I accepted her lame apologies. I take medication for my bipolar and ptsd issues and when she said I needed to detox from my medication, I listened to her bullshit and how I 'took things the wrong way' then when I went through a horrible break up instead of being supportive she sent me a message that started off with 'I don't mean to be rude' 

So my kind gesture of taking her daughter to see Madonna 'still needs to be talked about' well I don't want to speak to her and I'm going to tell her this was all a big mistake and I'm going to take back the invitation and she can tell her daughter why she's no longer invited. This was suppose to be something fun and exciting and instead ever since I got the ticket my 'friend' has made this to be something where I've felt bad. I know she didn't read my blog here because that she has made this matter out to be a mess other than a celebration. Her and her husband have taken my kindness and friendship for granted. Where else can you find someone who is going yo help you move and pack up two different houses free of charge. Instead of 'paying the Mexicans' to pull their weeds they had their fag friend who did it for free weed. I could go on an on with the favors I did and the two favors I asked of them which were denied. So yeah friendship is over. 


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