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Celebration Tour



So I'm happy to say that I got tickets for March 4th at the Forum. I don't know how it worked for everyone else out there, but the email from Ticketmaster came the night before the presale was gonna start, then there was an email that said to disregard previous email. About the same time I get an email saying the refund was going to be happening soon. So i was checking emails and my bank. 

When the email did come with the instructions for the presale It said we would be able to purchase up to 4 tickets. So I set an alarm for 9 am I titled it Madonna Madonna Madonna, So when I was in the virtual que in the morning, I was ready and expecting it to crash, freeze, blowup and not work. I'm watching as it says I'm in the que and there were 50 people ahead of me, I'm remaining calm and hoping everything would work. Then it says I was next, so I was able to get two tickets in the upper level in Row one in and it's view is facing the front stage in the middle. These seat was better than my previous. It was around the same price. I was able to use the 4 payment plan for the tickets. 

So since all this happened at the last moment, my previous blog said I was planning to take my producer's daughter and 'soul sister's daughter.  for her birthday. Well I sent her a text and I said I got her a ticket to the Celebration Tour! I was pretty excited and so relieved it worked out smoothly. Maybe 10 minutes later I get a text message from my 'soul sister/bff' it read


"Hey that's nice you're inviting K***** to go to see Madonna but I haven't talked to you in months and you need to ask me first before she can just go down the hill to a concert. Thanks anyway"


EXCUSE ME? I was very insulted by the tone of this and instead of going off, I remained calm and kept it real and told the truth. In my response I said, that I hadn't planned this out and the information wasn't given out about the new date until the day the before. And to prove it I added my blog 'Not Deja Vu' on madonna.com where I am talking about getting another ticket at taking her. I don't know if she actually went to it and read it. I haven't heard from my producer, and he would probably not remember but he had said it but, since I took him, his brother and his wife to see Madonna on different tours that his daughter should go. well like I said before, when i give my word I keep it and I don't break promises or get amnesia and forget about things. After that message I went on Twitch and livestreamed for 2 hours talking about this matter. It's pretty sad that these people who were my best friends are gaslighting extroardinares. So my producer deletes all my music and leaves me in the dust and my bff text message is beyond passive aggressive. I'm sorry I wanted to do something nice for your daughter. And a kicker to this story is I have a scar on my right hand from punching the dangerous ex bf who had assaulted me the ***CENSORED*** that drugged and raped me, he called her a ***CENSORED*** ***CENSORED*** and I punched him. I took her to see Confessions on opening night! She sent another message after that but I didn't read it. 

I really am taken aback with her response i would be lying if I said it didn't hurt my feelings.


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