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Not Deja Vu



Ok so first thing's first I got the email from ticketmaster today. So since from the beginning ticketmaster fucked up and I was only able to get one ticket. Then there was the anxiety of going alone to the show and the flood of emotions that have been going on. Then on my birthday june 24, I don't think Madonna thought she was gonna end up in the hospital. Going to the hospital sux. Thank goodness Madonna is still with us. My producer who I went with to rebel heart, and his brother to see Madame X and her mother to see confessions opening night. It was their daughters birthday yesterday. I have videos of her when she was just just a little girl and listening to Madonna on head phones but in the video she, In such excitement she says "I'm Blasting Madonna!" she turned 14 So it became clear that her birthday gift will be seeing Madonna's Celebration Tour. So that is what I'm planning to do. To all the Iconers who are now in the midst of dealing with ticketmaster drama. I hope and with the best for all and sending love to Madonna! 


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