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Tori Amos



So this friday my sister are going to see Tori Amos at the Greek Theater in L.A. when we went and saw her last June, we both it was the first time we had went out without mask since the whole coronavirus pandemic had happened. For me having the coronavirus was a walk in the park. The first couple days I had a bad headache and had body aches, but after that all I did was sleep. And let me say last year was a horrible year for me. I went to the crisis center because my mental health was a mess and I was in the darkest place I had ever been before and i had been having such a hard time getting sleep. I was having these awful panic attacks at night that were scary. But while I had coronavirus I didn't have any of those horrible panic attacks I was too tired. I just slept and I felt exhausted from sleeping all day. My sister on the other hand, ended up giving coronavirus to her family and since she has asthma she had an awful and painful time, so as messed up as it sounds, I liked when I had coronavirus, it was pretty much feeling exhausted and sleeping for two weeks. I know i'm pretty lucky because it killed alot of people and alot of people really suffered. But for me I had been having horrible gout attacks and my mental state was a mess so coronavirus let me get some needed sleep. 

So one thing that I am kind of concerned with is my vision has really gotten kinda of scary in the last couple years and my night vision is not what it use to be. I prefer not to drive at night these days, and the the last time I did drive down in L.A. it was in March and what is concerning is that the drive home when I was almost home was the worst of it. I live in a city that doesn't have the most street lights or reflectors in the road so I have to really pay attention to the road. This getting older shit isn't much much fun. I've driven these roads so many times and now to have a nervous feeling over driving at night is a pain in the ass. It's times like this when I wish I could have a driver. 

Anyways about the concert. I got tickets for 25.00 and they were in the A section, that was a pretty great price, because ticketmaster only had C section seats and they were going for $50. We have seen Tori multiple times in concert, she's always amazing, there are some songs that I've yet to hear her play live. Crucify is one that I would really like to see her do. This is the Ocean to Ocean Tour and if she would sing her song '1000 Oceans' It's a possibility that i would get emotional and start crying. After I got dumped I wrote a letter to him and I drew a picture and on the back I had wrote the lyrics to the song on the back. I don't think I've listened to that song since, so if she sings it, that could be intense. It'll be more intense than taking selfie at a Miranda Lambert concert.


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