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I've blogged about musixmatch and the huge falling out with my friend/producer. Since he's the rock star and has been in the business so long and has put out alot of music. Well he still hasn't claimed the page and therefore hasn't verified that he was the producer, guitar player. The other people he has 'collaborated' with none of these artists have verified any of their music. All the songs come up with a message saying no lyrics available, and it doesn't have any information. Well I guess the big rock star doesn't know what music metadata is, I didn't know what it was until I've been syncing my music I've learned that music metadata is very important. Aside from giving credit and any royalties made. All the metadata on the credits will put it where it can be found and discovered. Music with no metadata is just like blank files that get lost. They say that it needs to be the same information so it all goes together and it should match. So I've spent the past two days on distrokid and i've added information to the credits. So me the amateur 'recording artist' has all my shit filled. I even have the mood of the songs attached. All of his music and there is ALOT of it they all come up with "No lyrics submitted" and there isn't any information on any of them. He was the one telling me all about, some code on your songs that you have to know to get any royalties. well It's all called music metadata and none of his songs, with all the bands he's had, past and present have complete metadata. I had been trying to tell him about this since February and he had no interest, even when he said he 'promised' to look at musixmatch. It was obvious that he was not interested in anything I had to say so I'm doing my own thing and he's going to continue to asskiss his latest music collaborator until he gets annoyed or bored with them. I've known him for over 20 years i've seen him when he raves about someone and how great they are and then he talks all this shit about them. So I've seen this before, but I was never involved with music before, It was him who got me started becuase I just wanted him to help me make a song and then he said I had enough to put an album out. So it's pretty funny that after all that It was him who wiped my music and threw me under bus. Bozo


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