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Dear Madonna



My Dearest Madonna, first and foremost I hope u are feeling good. You need to heal and get healthy. Postpone, the tour. Your real fans want to see u well. If u have to cancel the tour. I will still be a fan. You are the Queen!

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Yes I do agree with butch1977´s blog. All my best wishes of recovering for you, Madonna!. We will wait for you, no matter how long it takes. Health should always be first priority. Do whatever you need to do: Postponed or cancel.

I am sure this is a tough time for you and the team. Not easy at all to take decisions in a Tour of this magnitude. However, think about all fans that invested a lot of money, travels and hotels. We need to know asap what happens. That is all. I know its not easy to reschedule or cancel, whatever the decision it is will accept it.

All the best Madonna!!.

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