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I'm listening to Rebel Heart and Iconic is playing right now. So Apple music recently approved me to edit Sonic Pressure, I also am in the process of getting the official artist page on youtube for Sonic Pressure. Amazon music has the Amazon for Artists where I can see who's listened to my music. Japan and Brazil are listening to me most, Mexico also. I was looking at it and i've noticed that the most listened to songs are the sad ones. 

I don't know even know what is really going on with my friend/producer. Since January he hasn't really had much to do with me and my music. I know that he is really busy with some new projects but ever since I got on that musixmatch site to edit lyrics, sync my music, add credits. I still put his name to give him credit and since he hadn't joined the site, it gave me options to share the link with him. So I sent an email and he responded, saying that he joined the site. So he's waiting for his approval.

Ever since my friend/producer deleted my music and even before this I've felt this strange energy, like there is some kind of secret or something going on that I'm not aware of. I just have this feeling, and most of the time my feelings are right. He was supposed to help me with the Epilogue EP, He kept saying he was going to look at the things I had but he just kept saying that and never gave any input or even responded to messages. But I've seen on Musixmatch that he has all this music and the 'artists' that he's working with. So I'm confused .


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