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Celebration Tour



So I was curious so I looked at ticketmaster. There is an la show on October 1, that isn't sold out. So I took a look. They are selling seats with a side view and practically behind the stage for over 160! That's ridiculous. Then there seats without an obstructed view but they are in the very back, and those are going for over $200 That's some crazy shit. I got tickets for Mdna at stubhub and the tickets were for seats that I don't even think should be sold, we were practically behind the stage. I could see the crew doing there job. I don't know why but after every concert I've ever been to, your ears are always feeling the sound after the show. but that time, my ears could still here everything fine, but I felt more like and the vibrations it was the worst seats ever. But I know they will be bought because some people just want to go and see her, not everyone needs to have a vip ticket and be next to the stage they just want to be there. So i hope everyone who ends up getting those bad seats, doesn't have an awful view.

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