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So I titled this blog Wack, that's because right now there is just so much things that are wack. But first let me just say that I have some pretty good grass. I called Discount Dank and the owner, I love her, her name is Angie, whenever I call she always says 'Hi Eugene' my middle name is Eugene, and she calls the weed, 'flavors' I love when she had this flavor called 'Will Smith Slap' She has a Spanish accent. But when I called it wasn't her who answered the phone it was Mark her helper, and he said that she got into a car accident and broke some bones. I was like oh no, I love her, and I've been talking to her for some years now and she knows what's good and even sometimes when I order I tell her to surprise me and pick a good flavor. So her helper Mark said to me Angie said you would like the 'Cereal' and so since all the lilacs are blooming in the yard I picked some and I gave them to her helper Mark and I said, please give those to angie and tell her i hope she feels better. Right now I'm smoking some of the 'Cereal' and it's pretty good, it burns really nice and the buds are dense af


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