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Forever Wack



So I have lots of my mind tonight, i usually have too much on my mind and night but I'm going to try and not rant to much. So it's May 1, today I have two musical albums that dropped. They are called Autopella The Demos pt 1 and pt 2. They are all the demos from my music. Some are acapella, some are autotune and some are autotune and acapella. So that explains the title. Some of these I like the demos more than the final versions. All of these I didn't have any help with any of it. They were all done in one take, There isn't any studio magic or tricks. I did them all at home. They aren't the greatest quality but they are raw and real. So i was using musixmatch today and getting all the music synced and the lyrics and credits correct. My 'producer' still hasn't claimed his page, I can't let it continue to bother me because he didn't do it before, then he deleted my music anyways, So I've put it all back up and let me just say that musixmatch is so confusing it's hard to navigate it also. I had to edit some of the credits because, I was not the producer on the songs that were recorded in the studio. So I had to take get all that shit right. He refuses to claim his page. I don't care if he does or not. He's focused on whatever he's doing and I don't know what he's doing,  Oh well it is what it is. And what it is is a bunch of bullshit.


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