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Jackson Wang



On Wednesday my sister and I went to see Jackson Wang at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, it was the first time I'd ever been to the Shrine Auditorium. My sister is a big fan and I really don't know much of his music that well. It was pretty cool. I had enjoyed myself. One thing that was strange was all the things that were not allowed in the building. The first time I had ever seen chapstick listed and it wasn't allowed. I brought it in anyways cuz I need my damn chapstick. When I was a little kid in school, my lips would get so chapped and they would hurt. My lips are kinda big I guess, my brother use to call me Mick Jagger all the time, but they are real. I've always had a big ass too. I'm glad to say that it is real also. I think that fake kim kardashian ass's are one of the most ridiculous looking kind of plastic surgery that people get. Besides that BBL being really dangerous and lots of people dying during the surgery. It just looks really bad and it looks really unnatural and I don't see why so many people have done it. Just the other day this 'kim kardashian' look alike onlyfans content creator had died during some kind of plastic surgery. I don't know what she was having done, but it looks like she previously had a BBL and breast augmentation. Her face resembled Kim Kardashian but she already had major surgery. I know i've always thought my nose was way too big and it is something that i have said that I'd get it fixed, but when I saw a nose job being performed and the doctor hitting the nose with a hammer. That looked scary as hell so I'm good with my nose. Something that I am having some issues with is my vision. My night vision is getting scarier and scarier it seems and just looking at the screen while I type this it's really blurry and i'm having double vision issues, i'm not sure exactly what it is but. It is something that I've noticed has been getting worse, and driving home the other night, had moments where i have to really. I've driven home from los angeles at night many times, and i never had been scared or driving. But at this rate, i'm concerned at how bad my vision is going to be in October when it's time to go see madonna, and since i'll be going by myself, i'm kind of nervous. Today I had this scary thought of what if I go blind or if something bad is happening. My mom said that my dad said he was having vision issues and that was when he was diagnosed with diabetes. It also runs in my family so I just might be doomed. I hope not.


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