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1 hour ago, vnmadonna said:

 BE AWARE OF VIAGOGO ETC. They have very bad reputation 

Maybe it is different with the country, but I do not think so. In Czech eg. there are a lot of complaints and litigation (as usual with no ending fight and loosing money). They have very bad reputation for sending copied tickets, sending tickets days before events etc. Everything depends to the end seller, who is anonimized. And the worst thing, it helps people reseling tickets, although they took them from general official seller (without no plan to go there, just to earn on that). There  they are sold out for this reasons too 😞

I keep clear from selling sites like these 

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59 minutes ago, billcandeias said:

Gutted. Absolutely shame on Ticketmaster. I am a truly Madonna fan but I refuse to buy a diamond priced ticket. Madonna help us 😂😂😂🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️



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5 minutes ago, Firecrackerlover said:

how did people get their codes - was it emailed to you. is the code the same for everyone - pleeeeeeeease help 🙂 

I do not know about Europe sell, but for USA, there is posibility to use universal MDX3RRPScw code

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Does anyone have a recommendation for best seats based on the stage configuration. Are all the black areas parts of the stage where Madonna will perform? This map is for United Center in Chicago, but it appears to be the same for all venues. Obviously main floor in section 1-3 would be best, but $5,000 USD for two seats is too much. As a second, more affordable choice, would you prefer a head-on view farther away, like sections 105-107, or closer on the side, like 112, 121, etc? Thanks.


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Not sure regarding the black area but based on her usual catwalks she utilizes both sides right and left as well as main catwalk. In my opinion- these black areas are 100% her catwalk

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On 1/18/2023 at 12:04 PM, InnaS said:

Hi. Which site do you use to look for tickets for the Portugal concert?

Hi Inna, I also looking for the tickets in Lisboa. Please if ypu have any info share with me. Thank you.

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