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On 1/23/2023 at 2:02 PM, MoMoCamaro said:

I am so disappointed that Madonna didn't give her fan club members a presale date like she usually does. I've been in her fan club for over a decade like many of you, yet because I'm not a "Legacy" member, I have to fight with the general public and scalpers who aren't real fans to get tickets. Would have thought she would want her true fans to have the first opportunities to get tickets.


On 1/30/2023 at 8:26 AM, B_o_b said:

I have been a fan of madonna for decades, since the "true blue" times then life changes, commitments etc so I lost her a bit.

I've just signed up for the fan club hoping to get access to presale for early December in London.

I have been reading all your messages look like I have no chances? Seems like only Legacy members get access to presale?

Thank you for your answers :)

I know it sucks it’s like why bother joining icon ?  

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On 1/17/2023 at 3:24 PM, ChipnDip said:

This is a great idea! I can’t wait to see Madonna,  I never thought I’d get a chance 🥹

Ya I’m so excited to get screwed by icon again with no pre sale code,  and absolutely no way to upgrade. Which  I’m reading alot of people aren’t happy about.

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On 1/18/2023 at 4:14 AM, David8007 said:

Well I am Icon member since more  20 Years and still classic member?! I can't believe it... 

I know,  it sucks.  A lot of big long time fans are.  The way icon does things is weird.

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So icon stopped taking legacy memberships way back in 2009? I think, like what 15 years ago, lol  you  would think icon would have given another chance for her fans,  in all those years. …. But nothing. 

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Management should give opportunity to hard-core fans that were not able to be Legacy fans because they were too little and no money to purchase that or live in countries like Venezuela where you could not purchase that 

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Guys! At this point we can all hope someone helps us. I appear as a "Classic" fan and I don't have a code. If anyone comes across a code, let's share it! It's a Celebration after all :D

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Does anyone have a pre-sale code that can share for the second date in Mexico? Thanks.

Algún fan Legacy que ya tenga su boleto y nos pueda compartir su código para la segunda fecha en México?🙏🥹

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On 1/17/2023 at 2:41 PM, Mikaparis said:

If anyone wants to share their code please :) My insta @theamericanfrenchy. Thank you so much !

Can hoy help me with you ir code to buy in MX please 🙏 @dennisalf@gmail.com

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