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Gooning Out



I am astounded with the amount of guys who don't know what gooning is. There are other terms and definitions but some aren't necessarily true. Well gooning out is would be under the umbrella of m********ion. So I'm not going get into details because it is explicit but if u are a detective you can find my demonstration video 'What is gooning, pt. 1-5' at bateworld .com lmao. I wonder if anyone will read this and do some Sherlock Holmes shit. I probably share way too much personal information on my social media. But that's how I roll and keep it real. Like right now I'm feeling so lonely I hate it, it's just really sad. Today I chose the order for the songs on 'Happy Hokey'  this is the 4th EP in the set of 5. There are seven songs. I write all the lyrics. The melodies are from my head. The songs, 'the real young man' 'little' 'my Spanish Stuff ' those songs I wrote them but my friend producer composed the music. When we're in the studio we start with the piano melody and he does all the mixing, the way to explain it is I'm explaining what the sound should sound like. And we build from there.


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