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lSo I went on Grindr and saw or spoke to at least five guys who did not have any idea of what gooning out is or Goon, bator, gooner and I had to explain it to them but just a minute ago I see a notification come up on my phone and it's from scruff and I could see what the message says and it says 'come pick me up' one time I asked him if he knew what gooning was and he didn't know and he said he was fine and okay with not knowing it and gooning out is very serious. Let me see there are many terms that are not the actual correct definition of gooning and there's all different levels of gooning so gooning out Goon to goon, okay wait a minute okay the definition for gooning is

'Gooning maybe most simply defined as that state usually achieved after a prolonged edging session when a man becomes completely hypnotized by the feeling radiating his p*nis since a gooning state can only be achieved after edging the man's d*ck will have become mightily aroused at this point and every caress the male genitals are subjected to will trigger potent elation as the man keeps edging and thus keeps experiencing intense pleasure he enters a State of Trance where his mind intimately merges with his c*ck and the gooning state where he and his d*ck become one to be more accurate when the gooning state is achieved the man's body becomes for all purpose and intent is p*nis that was the definition of the correct term for gooning.
 So on my only fans page it says I was pondering the idea of making a gooning video to goon or not to goon that is the question and there is a site called bateWorld. There is a brotherhood. So well thats all happy sunday


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