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So I've spent a majority of last night and this morning in tears. I've just been really down,  i was just on ig.  I was taking some bong rips and i saw Madonna's latest post. She can post whatever she likes. I don't judge. But these days social media haters are downright mean. The comments made me really sad,  they were  a majority  of mean, ageist comments.  The amount of comments coming from life long fans who  don't consider themselves fans anymore. Madonna has been pushing buttons since day one.  But this I don't understand giving haters more fuel to talk shit.  Madonna can shock people  in many ways.  She doesn't need to get naked. These days, people are ridiculed no matter what they do. Someone always gets upset about something,  but  she's giving haters material and having comments on is just allowing and  welcoming the negativity. Unless Madonna wants to read mean things about herself.  I just really am sad and really depressed and  seeing all the comments bashing her just bothers me. Right now i need some positivity  because I've lost it  Feeling hopeless has been trying to take over.


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