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Yesterday I got something in the mail I wasn't sure of what it was because I hadn't ordered anything when I opened it it was a package from China and it was a Madonna poster it was its double sided. I've never seen a poster like it before. Wno is it from? I don't know how to say the name exactly but I don't know who sent me it but I like it it's great. So right now I'm going to take a bong rip and I've been feeling really emotional today more than usual and had multiple meltdowns. I hate it it's awful and I wish I could go back in time to about 3 years ago and there is some pivotal points where things would be different right now if something different had been done before it's just a really sad f*****-up situation if you've ever been railroaded and thrown under the bus you know what I'm talking about is it it's not deserved and it's an acceptable but it's still unacceptable budget that I need to accept it because it's a truth and I have no choice but I'm sad about it all.


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