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Jehovah hinne Ahava - Ambrecel



I am bad at hebrew,

And I know it,

But I have the roots of these languages,

Including Hebrew.

So Hebrew is like Latin,

With male and female is.

Which I was looking for,

God is love.

What Jesus would have said,

Because he knew the truth.

Best I found,

Is Hinne.

And yes in my head I got,

That is what would be properly said.

So here is what Jesus would’ve said,

“Jehovah hinne Ahava”

Now Hinne,



here is,

It is the same,

As what Christians state,

God is love.

So yes with Jesus inside,

You get saved,

But how did Jesus,

That was simple,

And it is eat for your animal,

After Jesus went obedient to god,

In the desert,

He did what god wanted,

And spoke to the people.

My Lover knows,

We Christians are not obedient.

So Jehovah hinne Ahava,

Would have been stated,

Because Jesus,

The tortured man knew the truth,

Of Eating for his animal,

And Jesus,

Knew the rules,

So he loved his soul-mate,

And obeyed.

A friend in telepathy wants me to add,

That Behold makes sense,

Since you Behold red a red cloth,

And can point,

That IS red.

So Jehovah Hinne Ahava,

God behold Love.

Or it is love with a pointed finger.


This is truth. I ahava you Madonna.


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