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That is a symbol,

And people do look up names,

I did.

And I got A “Yes” in my head.

Rapist stalker media abusive pissing whore,

In telepathy,

Wants the world to know,

Her last past life,

She was a racist.

And yes it showed up in her wishes.

Yes it is out there.

Claire means Clear.

So the Symbol like in my Love.

Is that my Lover,

Wanted a white woman.

Oh he tried to seem like,

He’d be with black women,

But he picked for his,


A woman,

With a name,

Her symbol of identity,

Rich Clear White skinned.

So the abusive media pissing whore,

Wants everybody to know,

She is a racist.

And yes the industry,

Of music has lost,

Black acts for 15 years.

15 years of black acts,

Not really blowing up,

And I know why.

There are only two new african american women acts,

In that 15 years.


And RiRi.

So racism,

Is in the industry,

And it is in her name.

In the 1990’s,

Lil Kim,

There was Envogue,

Destiny’s Child,


And some strong,

African American

Female singers,

Like Mary J Blige,

And Lauren Hill,

Tony Braxton,

In the 2000’s,

They disappeared,

And were not replaced.

But hey,

Lets make a new trend,

And bring back some African American Women singers,

We need a new Supremes,

But hey,

15 years of not seeing that,

Seems strange,

Because the 1960’s had the Supremes,

1970’s had disco and strong African american singers,

Donna Summers.

The 1980’s were not a drought,

Rap started having women rappers and singers,

Queen Latifa.

Whitney Houston,

Janet Jackson,

Mariah Carey.

That is more than two.

But 15 years since the 1990’s they all disappear,

For only 2 acts,

Hips and RiRi,

That is it in pop?


One song writer,

Is controlled by a racist,

And it is in her name.

I apologize if I get this wrong,

But I want a NEW DESTINY’s child,

A new Tony Braxton.

And yes Mary J Blige is still touring,

But I want another one.

There is one more cool 1980’s singer,

And she sang bubble gum,

I cannot remember her name,

But it was about her boyfriend,

Deniece Williams,

Let’s Hear It For The Boy!

And it was cool,

I want her back too.

And yes don’t hire because of skin,

But hey,

Why is the industry today,

Mostly white?


If I get this wrong,

I will correct myself,

Where is a new TLC?

Where is a New Lauren Hill?

Please help me find them.


Riri is Rihanna and I am glad she is in the industry. Hips is Nicki Minaj, I love Nicki Minaj! Okay I love Rihanna too... Where are the other acts. If I got this wrong, I will correct myself.


Love you,
I'm responsible for my words not Madonna.
I love Madonna.


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