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Gay Days! Next Week!



I know I am a person stuck in the cage,

As a secret to my Celebrity,

And yes did not want to write this book.

I wanted to write Angry Women,

I got forced into this,

By telepathy.

I want BURT AND ERNIE tee shirts next week!


I know I am risking my new life,

To write these poems,

And I know my Lover,

Is male,

While I’m gay!

Yes I love my Lover,

Who is male!

Okay I do a good bi-sexual in real life,

Not in the spirit.

So next week is a thing I look forward too,

And yes my 2011,


Before my Divorce began,

Was Gay Days!

And yes I loved every minute of being around families,

And yes same sex families,

Those that glow love,

And understanding.

The magic was there that day,

And yes Dark Horse,

Had a group of male dancers,

That I followed on Gay days,

I got on every ride when I followed them,

Walk ON!

With my Family.

So same sex families,

Are from the two headed monster,

And yes a soul-mate,

Can have the same meat sack parts.

Yes I support,

Gay Legal property paperwork,

Legal marriage,

Even though,

I am divorced from a man,

And married illegally,

To my soul mate.

So please I am hoping,

TO be supportive,

Of my company I work for,

But my Lover,

IS a former employee of the same company.

So gay days I want to work,

And serve!

If not,

I’m there!

Gay Days are June 6!

This year,

ON a Saturday,

And yes same sex can have the tortured man in their hearts,

And follow god,

To find their soul mates!


Dark horse is Katy Perry, and yes some reality gets into lies.

Madonna is the key. Remember Jesus Christ is a liar too!




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