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Auto Winks- Ambrecel



I see them now,

When a wink is not needed,

In Jerry Macquire bathroom scene,

Help me Help you,

A fast wink came in.

Well seen,

Right on Tom Cruise.

I’m in my cage,

And knowing what I was supposed to write about,

My Lover and I,

Are in this enclosure together,

And I love my Movies,

It helps me get through the day,

So I am watching for the auto winks,

That fellow actors get,

And yes a few months ago,

Don’t remember the month,

The two headed monster told me,

I am an actress,

So another same with my Lover,

Since our only time together,

Fifteen years ago,

My Lover talked about play fighting,

And his passion for acting was there,

I’m just a writer,

So I play my parts in my head,

And then they go on paper.

So maybe I hope to work,

In film,



I’ll write,

But I might work with Romeo,

And Tom Cruise,

How’d he get in this book.

Oh auto winks,

Is apart of being with Jesus in your heart,

And it is okay to believe in other things,

After being saved.


Tom Cruise is Jerry Macguire, he's playing self in this poem, and Romeo is Leo Dicaprio.


Madonna is still the key, love always finds the way.

Love Amanda


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