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Does this site have any actual connection to Madonna? If so, how would you go about contacting someone without it being public?


I have discovered what I believe is more PIRACY of Madonna's material ...


In a previous post, I mentioned how I ran across a web-site that offered 34 "demo" tracks ... All of which were (I believe) the tracks that were already leaked. These were of excellent quality, etc. I downloaded them, as I admitted, but also stating that I still intend to purchase the "super deluxe" package when it becomes available for SALE (in this way I don't feel I'm stealing anything if I'm still going to purchase the CD - Plus I have NOT shared anything I downloaded, and don't intend to).


Anyway, yesterday I saw what is being advertised as the final track listing of the Super Deluxe version of Rebel Heart.


On a lark, I just now went back to that web-site where I found the 34 demo's ... And guess what they now have? They are now advertising the Rebel Heart (Super Deluxe) CD with 25 tracks that include Queen and Autotune Baby ... NEITHER of those two songs were anywhere on that site a few days ago when I first found the 34 demo's ... They are there now ... And being advertised as the entire 25 track version of Rebel Heart .. ALL DOWNLOADABLE (for FREE) ... ALL PERFECT QUALITY.


Somehow I doubt this is authorized by Madonna or her Management !!!??!!!


It's possible piracy of Madonna's new material is still going on.


I don't want to list the web-site here on a public forum ... But if I'm right, I would like to report this to someone, but how do I go about doing that?


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Icon is the official Madonna fan club. It is not as busy here as it use to be. It's pretty sad. Icon was before all these social media sites. It's a breath of fresh air to see someone who isn't posting links to get free and unreleased material. I see some supposed fans who have no problem illegally downloading.

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The FRAUDS are being disposed of!

I know it’s a slow process but if you actually knew the vast number of them and how long I’ve been “dealing with them appropriately” you would probably not believe how extensive the nightmare of all truly is.

Unfortunately it’s also a never ending nightmare as every one of them I incarcerate for the rest of their lives another dozen at least start up.

Perhaps this makes the perfect time to quote “can’t be a superhero right now”!

 I’m damn good and way than those perpetrators Yet I am still only one against a world of fraud.

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