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Letter To Madonna (With A Little Request)



Dear Madonna,


I have been a fan of yours since the beginning. Okay, though I purchased "Like A Virgin" when it came out, I didn't really become a "fan" until after "Like A Prayer" came out - That's when I began to appreciate you as an artist, and not just some teen idol who'd be around a couple of years and then disappear and be all but forgotten.


I'll be 60 years old later this year, and yet, through all these years, and at MY age, I still enjoy the music you continue to create. It's a mystery to me how you're able to mix new ideas to attract younger generations, while at the same time leaving enough in for your older fans to continue to appreciate and enjoy. Sure, each new CD has one or two songs I could do without, but overall, they continue to be great (shoot, even "Like A Prayer" has a song or two I'm not crazy about - So, that really isn't anything new in itself).


I've heard so much from the Rebel Heart sessions ... Many songs I've heard will not make the final cut. Yet most of them are just as good, and in many cases, even better than much that did make the final CD ... Please, Madonna, put out a super deluxe with all these other songs!


My little request ... Unlike so many great artists you have never put out a boxed set containing demo's, B-sides, and previously unreleased songs ... Why not? Realizing that the Rebel Heart recording sessions will have many great songs that may not be released, I can only assume the same may hold true for previous recording sessions from other CDs ... God only knows how much unreleased material you have piled up that your fans would love to hear.


So, that is my little request, that you consider putting out such a boxed set containing all this backlog of material you probably have in some vault somewhere.


And, please, do this before I'm too old to appreciate it !!!!


Thank you from an old, and loyal fan of yours these past several decades!

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