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  1. Does this site have any actual connection to Madonna? If so, how would you go about contacting someone without it being public? I have discovered what I believe is more PIRACY of Madonna's material ... In a previous post, I mentioned how I ran across a web-site that offered 34 "demo" tracks ... All of which were (I believe) the tracks that were already leaked. These were of excellent quality, etc. I downloaded them, as I admitted, but also stating that I still intend to purchase the "super deluxe" package when it becomes available for SALE (in this way I don't feel I'm stealing anything if I'm still going to purchase the CD - Plus I have NOT shared anything I downloaded, and don't intend to). Anyway, yesterday I saw what is being advertised as the final track listing of the Super Deluxe version of Rebel Heart. On a lark, I just now went back to that web-site where I found the 34 demo's ... And guess what they now have? They are now advertising the Rebel Heart (Super Deluxe) CD with 25 tracks that include Queen and Autotune Baby ... NEITHER of those two songs were anywhere on that site a few days ago when I first found the 34 demo's ... They are there now ... And being advertised as the entire 25 track version of Rebel Heart .. ALL DOWNLOADABLE (for FREE) ... ALL PERFECT QUALITY. Somehow I doubt this is authorized by Madonna or her Management !!!??!!! It's possible piracy of Madonna's new material is still going on. I don't want to list the web-site here on a public forum ... But if I'm right, I would like to report this to someone, but how do I go about doing that?
  2. Dear Madonna, I have been a fan of yours since the beginning. Okay, though I purchased "Like A Virgin" when it came out, I didn't really become a "fan" until after "Like A Prayer" came out - That's when I began to appreciate you as an artist, and not just some teen idol who'd be around a couple of years and then disappear and be all but forgotten. I'll be 60 years old later this year, and yet, through all these years, and at MY age, I still enjoy the music you continue to create. It's a mystery to me how you're able to mix new ideas to attract younger generations, while at the same time leaving enough in for your older fans to continue to appreciate and enjoy. Sure, each new CD has one or two songs I could do without, but overall, they continue to be great (shoot, even "Like A Prayer" has a song or two I'm not crazy about - So, that really isn't anything new in itself). I've heard so much from the Rebel Heart sessions ... Many songs I've heard will not make the final cut. Yet most of them are just as good, and in many cases, even better than much that did make the final CD ... Please, Madonna, put out a super deluxe with all these other songs! My little request ... Unlike so many great artists you have never put out a boxed set containing demo's, B-sides, and previously unreleased songs ... Why not? Realizing that the Rebel Heart recording sessions will have many great songs that may not be released, I can only assume the same may hold true for previous recording sessions from other CDs ... God only knows how much unreleased material you have piled up that your fans would love to hear. So, that is my little request, that you consider putting out such a boxed set containing all this backlog of material you probably have in some vault somewhere. And, please, do this before I'm too old to appreciate it !!!! Thank you from an old, and loyal fan of yours these past several decades!
  3. I'm from Madonna's generation ... My favorite artists were those who became popular during the late 1960's and 1970's, such as Elton John, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, to name a few. All of those mentioned who are still actively putting out music, I continue to follow, and I continue to purchase any new music they put out. Madonna is probably the last of a generation of great musicians who I continue to listen to and continue to buy any new music she puts out ... I've heard of Britney Speaks, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, etc., but I can honestly say though I've heard of them, I couldn't tell you a single song they ever sung, LOL (Ok, I'm familiar with "4 Minutes" obviously). I guess you'd have to have been living in a cave not to hear some of today's top names, but, obviously, I don't listen to any of them. I stick to my classic artists (though I have moved into modern country, and am familiar with many of the newer artists in that genre). Anyway, back to the point of this blog ... Though I continue to listen to my favorites from the 1970s, what I have noticed is that none of them put out anything nearly as good as they did in days gone by. A nice song here and there on new records, but their records as a whole just do not compare to their past music ... Madonna is the one and only exception to this !!! Madonna has remained consistent throughout her 30-plus years making music. Her records continue to contain amazing songs that are just as good as anything she's done in the past. Though Hard Candy and MDNA may not be quite as good as earlier things, they still come close ... And now comes Rebel Heart ... On this CD I suspect (based on all the songs I've heard - And I've already heard all the songs on the track listing, plus several others) - Rebel Heart may very well be Madonna's absolute best CD ever !!! I don't know how Madonna does it, but I'm sure glad she does. I think Madonna is somewhat of a genius. It's really a mystery as to how she manages to continue writing and producing music that appeals to younger generations, without alienating her older fans. At 60, I still love the music she puts out ... As do some of my teenage nieces and nephews!
  4. I'm glad the "official" track listing of the new Rebel Heart CD has been posted (I assume it's the official track listing being it appears on Madonna's official web-site, and other places such as Amazon). I don't know about anyone else, but I did listen to all the "leaked" demo's ... Well, I think that's what I listened to ... I recently ran across a site that not only lists the 6 "authorized" songs that are available at iTunes, but in a separate category they list "Demo's" ... And 32 additional songs appear (three or four of which appear twice in alternate versions). These 32 "demo's" are of excellent quality, I might add. Out of respect for Madonna, I am not going to say where I found these demo's ... I know I personally will not take unfair advantage of this find, as I intend to still purchase the CD when released. I can't speak for anyone else who could (theoretically) just take the demo's and be happy with those. Anyway, the track listing advertising 19 songs that will be on the CD, from what I understand, are the "Deluxe Version". There (supposedly) will also be a standard version offering 14 songs ... I think those two facts have been out there in various places for a while now. However, I read somewhere where there will also be a "Super Deluxe Boxed" version containing even more songs ... I surely hope this rumor is true because the official track listing of 19 songs is missing quite a few truly amazing songs (based on those demo's I ran across). I can honestly say, the 19 songs on the track listing are all amazing! Well, I lie, there is one I could personally do without (I won't say which one though) ... But one I don't particularly care for out of 19 are pretty good odds, I'd say. The sad thing is there are several others NOT appearing on the track listing, and a few of those others, in my opinion, are even better than most of what is on the list. I hope to see the following on this "Super Box Set" (PLEASE MADONNA): Borrowed Time - Great song Addicted (The One That Got Away) - Great song Beautiful Scars - My absolute favorite of all I've heard - One Madonna's best ever! Never Let You Go - My second absolute favorite of all I've heard Two Steps Behind Me - Rumors abound about who this is about, but it's still great upbeat song Tragic Girl - Great ballad - If you've ever loved the wrong person, you'd relate to this one Those six songs are just as good as, and many much better than anything on the track list !!! Other good songs that don't appear: Freedom Nothing Lasts Forever Graffiti Heart Revolution Back that Up (Do It) God Is Love Ariosa - This one may be a leftover from Ray of Light recordings Anyway, I sure hope we see most of these on this boxed version that is supposedly going to come out ... And I sure hope it does! Madonna truly out did herself during the recording of Rebel Heart. There is just so much great material she's written for this record. I would hate to see any of it become lost to the public and her fans.
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    Rebel Heart CD

    I'm looking forward to the release of Madonna's new CD, Rebel Heart. I read somewhere that there will be a boxed version of the new CD with extra songs. I'll be buying that !! I've been a fan of Madonna since the beginning. Although, I must admit, when her first two albums came out I figured she was just another of the many "teeny bopper" idols of the time, and really didn't think too much of her (although I did purchase Like A Virgin, and afterwards the Madonna CD). It wasn't until Like A Prayer came out that I began to take her seriously as a singer/songwriter, and began to realize she was NOT among the typical teeny bopper idols that pop up generationally, but that Madonna was a true artist and songwriter. I'm not a big groupie at all. It's Madonna's music that attracts me to her. I could care less about her life, or lifestyle or any of that ... It's all about the music for me. I think she's an amazing songwriter. Through all these decades she still manages to come out with music that people of all ages enjoy. From those of her own generation. to the younger teens of today. How she manages it, I don't know. She's been so underrated as a songwriter. It's a shame because she truly is one of the best. She's meticulously involved with every detail of her music ... And this is what I admire about her. She puts the final stamp on everything with her name on it. So what you get, you know Madonna is 100% behind the creation of the final product. I personally think Madonna is a bit of a genius. There are only a few songs of hers that I could do without, but I doubt there is any artist whoever lived where anyone can honestly say they loved absolutely everything the person put out. Anyway ... Thank you Madonna for bringing us so much beautiful music. Rebel Heart is probably, for me anyway, the most anxiously anticipated album I can ever recall waiting for!!!! March 10th get here already!
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